Financial Destinations and Global Marketing Business Success

Financial Destinations Inc. (later FDI International) is a privately owned company, founded in 2003 and headquartered in Windham, New Hampshire. It was founded by William Andreoli, now CEO and President of the company.

Known in its very first years as a economic training company, FDI had the reported objective to “Stamp Out Financial Illiteracy Across the Country”. It was one of the organizations that utilized an mlm business model to give financial education and training. This particular training included issues along the lines of fiscal obligation, real estate, stock market speculation, cash flow operations – all of these were meant to train FDI members on their way to financial freedom.

Naturally, there was an income plan included too, where independent FDI reps could market FDI’s solutions and services and create residual income for themselves, as well as teach and lead their particular sales group or organization.

The FDI compensation model was determined by three streams of earnings:

1 – fast start bonuses, designed to repay FDI reps for private sales activity, which could double with the recruitment of three new distributors in any given calendar month;
2 – leadership bonus deals, which were determined by the growth of the group and got more substantial whenever a further leadership level was attained;
3- residual income, a monthly commission on every member of the team.The actual reason we are employing past tense here is that the corporation has been through serious changes. The owner of Financial Destinations Inc., William Andreoli, has teamed up with Kuba Fabiarz, owner of GIConnect, a 16-year old telecommunications corporation that’s said to have been functioning in 62 countries and also to have had more than 800,000 distributors….The result? FDI International, a company that aspires to be involved in 7 areas of telecom, as they say: landlines (home as well as business), wireless/cell, long-distance, worldwide telephone calls, calling cards, internet and corporate solutions.

Their particular strategy is to help their clients save 50% or more on their telephone expenses. Owning the international expertise of GIConnect, FDI International will be arranging to launch in 60 countries simultaneously. Their main product seems to be the FDIVoice (hands free and service), that allows you to transform voice messages to text messages – so that you can avoid texting when driving, as well as to make calls or even send e-mails by using voice commands, or have your e-mail read to you by means of a voice application. Additional products comprise affordable smart cell phones for their customers, that are exclusive to the corporation, Multi-line voice phones with world-wide connectivity, VideoPhones with connection to big-screen TV’s or pc screens and free of charge global phone calls between FDI Video Phones. Their long term plans incorporate assistance for calling when travelling by airplane. With these kinds of solutions they wish to acquire a market unparalleled before. They also intend to have no taxes on the phone bills and services, no credit checks and no tying agreements for their services.

As for the FDI International comp strategy, it resembles in a number of points the initial FDI strategy, but it seems to be greatly improved upon. They are promising now multiple earnings streams: apart from the currently known Quick Start and Double Fast Start Bonuses, a 50% Matching Fast Start Bonus, Advancement Bonuses, 4 levels of Matching Residual Income and that’s not all.FDI International is certainly full of promises. We will see if they can live up to them. As with any brand new organization (and even if the business is not new), you run certain risks, which is up to you if you want to assume. One definite thing is, however, that this kind of MLM venture cannot be conducted in the old school fashion. You’ll have to promote the opportunity on the net, by taking advantage of the power of the web to be able to grow your team, and so as to do this, you have to get very good online marketing tools and techniques. These aren’t easy to obtain, but not really difficult either, should you locate a competent marketing coach who is willing to lead you. And if you do get these kinds of on-line network marketing skills, you’ll be able to use them in the long run with any other MLM business that might peak your interest.

Trade Europe Global – Indian Business Directory

Any business that really wants to have a global recognition in India should be listed in the India Business Directory, since this will guarantee increase in your level of productivity. Your level of trading activity will be ever increasing on a daily basis, since the directory is a resource for all those that are looking for opportunities of trade in the Indian trade. Then, for those global trade importers who want to specialize in importing products form India, the directory of all the business avenues in India will provide easy access to any Indian company or business establishment.

India’s export and import business is growing every year, with more people mainly interested in Indian handmade and herbal products from all over the world. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India reported in a press release on the 1st of May 2007 that the Indian foreign trade is increasing with a total export of One hundred and three thousand, forty-four dollars and thirty cents, within April 2005 to March 2006. This was not the case before and as of now the figures are on the increase. More global trade suppliers and buyers are getting involved in Indian business and India business Directory is becoming very large since more companies and business are being enlisted, because of the high demand of products and services.As a manufacturing company in India, the next step to take, after your production will be to register on any of the directories online, especially on the most popular one with high traffic rate. Once you register, your company will be enrolled as one of the manufacturing companies based in India, which is a stepping stone to your business. This way your goods and services can be accessed from any part of the globe. It is like enrolling in the hallmark of business success.

If you are a foreigner, that is, a company not based in India with an interest in Indian trade, it is advisable for you to begin by making use of the directory as well, it will furnish you will the necessary information needed to commence your trade. You will not need to travel to India, you can start by searching the web for the best India business directory on the internet, when you find one, register as a buyer and you will be located to start business.

All the directories provide a list of companies in India categorized based on the area of specialization of the company. There is also a list of all the products from India, this is also put in different categories, you can easily browse through the list of different products, evaluating each product to see if it meets your expectation and if the price is affordable for you. A contact with the company will settle other issues in the process of negotiation. Once you are through with negotiation, place an order for the needed quantity and the products will be shipped down to your country.With the internet, import and export business has become very easy, because of the business directory system.

The world business community has got lot of opportunities in the growing Indian market. The industrialization is growing at a fast pace and to capitalize the development process, the export and import business deals are to be launched in the right direction. This is where the website comes to your assistance and offers you step by step guidance and solution to all your business needs.

What Makes A Good Global Online Business?

What makes a good global online business? There are 10 basic questions that will make a good checklist.

1. Is the business ethical? You want a business that will only benefit people and not hurt anyone. It is all about doing the right things. Your integrity is your most precious asset and you must protect it at all times! You want to do your due diligence and ensure that the company has good management and a good track record.

2. Do the products or services offer great value? People all over the world are basically the same, they are looking for great value. You’ve heard it many times before, it is the value and not the price.

3. Does the business have timing? Is it offering something that is riding a major growing trend, for example, if it is a product that serves the hungry market of the expanding information industry, it will be considered a great product. It is very important to identify not only great demand but one that will grow tremendously in the future!

4. Is the start up cost affordable? When you want to reach the masses, you must make the entry level easy so you can get as many people as possible to do the business. If the start up cost is very low then it is very easy to get people to get started on it!5. Is the monthly operating cost affordable? Most businesses will take one to two years to break even, if the monthly operating cost is very high, it will cause high attrition rate because when people cannot afford the monthly operating cost in the first three to six months, they will stop doing the business. A low monthly operating cost will help in the sustainability of your business.

6. Is the break-even time very short? If you can show a person how to break even in their first month or first three months, then you have a very attractive business because people want to see positive results as soon as possible!

The break-even time is link to the monthly operating cost, if your monthly operating cost is very low then the attrition rate will be lower because those participating in the business can afford to continue even though they are not getting good results in their first three to six months, this will give you a higher tolerance of the break-even time.

7. Is the system proven, tested and duplicatable? You don’t want to reinvent the wheel, you want to leverage on a proven and tested system that is duplicatable and will ensure your success! The solution lies in the system, people are looking for a system that makes it easy for them to do and duplicate their efforts.

8. Will you have user-friendly offline and online support to help you build your business? Besides online user-friendly website support, do you have business tools such as DVDs, name cards and prospectus to help you build your business?

9. Can you do the business in any part of the world where there is access to the Internet? You want a portable global online business where there is very little restriction and you can do the business as you travel round the world!

10. Is the process of accepting payment and paying out commission secure, simple and effective? You want a business that is simple to do and accepting payment and paying out commission should be secure, simple and effective! Where money is concerned it is a very sensitive issue and you want to make it very easy for people to pay and also for those in the business to collect their commission!Go through this checklist and most important of all do some soul searching and ask further these very important questions: Do you believe it is a great business opportunity that you will want to share with your loved ones, relatives and friends? Do you think this business has integrity and offers great value, great quality, great service and great relationship? Do you think you can make life better with this business opportunity and help people create a good residual income? Are you excited about the business and just can’t wait to share it with as many people as possible? Do you think you will love doing this business?

Clarity is power. When you are very clear that you have a great business opportunity and you believe it wholeheartedly and it has passed the above checklist, and you are willing to do whatever it takes ethically to achieve your dreams, your success is guaranteed!