Common Sense Test for Home Based Business

There are a lot of offers in the world for legitimate home based businesses. The concepts of a business have been around for centuries but the internet has allowed us to change the dynamics in a fundamental way.

When you go looking for a home based business, you need to realize that common sense should apply. I recently got an email for an job offer for a company. The email looked pretty legitimate. It has the official header and footer of the website.

It was presented in a very professional manner. They simply laid out the reasons I was needed, the minimal requirements and a significant financial opportunity. The job was going to pay over 80,000 US dollars per year.Now that is enough to catch the eye of anyone. In today’s slow economy and the number of unemployed people looking for a job, this would catch their fancy in a heart beat. There was one thing that was off though. The return address to the email was not to the same company that the email supposedly belonged too.

That is the first thing that should catch your eye. When you are looking for a legitimate home based business do they have a professional email address? This company was using AOL as their provider.

Now there is nothing wrong with using AOL as an email provider for your personal use. A legitimate company should have their own domain and email address. It is very easy and cost effective to get a domain and email address.

Even if you are running a very small or start up business, you should have your own website and emails. You can get one for less than $100 a year. So the first warning sign was the email address not matching the company that supposedly was sending it. Now that we have warning sign number one, we need to look for others.

It is always a good idea to approach any concept with an eye to seeing the downside. In this case the whole business model was based on a pure lack of common sense. I won’t go into the details of it here but it was obvious upon reading the second email.And yes I sent off for more information just because I was curious what the hook was. The first email had some glimpses of being suspect but not enough to truly justify calling it a bad idea.

The second email was a whole different story. You can read the full details about the offer from Fort Global Solutions.

Trade Europe Global – European Business Directory

The best way to maximize profit as a business man or woman in Europe is to get listed in the European business directory – well this is a known fact. But, there are still some businesses not listed in the various business directories. Everyone should utilize this avenue since it provides a reference for all those involved in global trade. This way European trade acts like a focal point to other international trading activities. Every importer or exporter around the world has a major interest in the European Business, making it very necessary for a directory containing information and details of products from different companies around the continent.

Anyone in business looking for investment opportunities in Europe can access the required details from the European business directory as it provides trade leads and links to enable partnership establishments which creates a healthy environment for export and import. If you are interested in the European business either as an exporter or importer, the first place to start will be to browse through the categories, selecting the category fitting for your product or the product you desire to purchase.If you are a global trade buyer with particular interest in the European trade go through the directory of business and pick the company with the particular product you want to purchase. For example, here is a list of the different companies in the finance category of the directory of European business. In the finance, real estate and insurance company category, the following companies can be contacted for business:

Sabomi Consult is a company based in Romania that provides the enabling environment and trading platform which provides the link between Romania and other parts of the world. Alfa Bank is based in Russia providing banking solutions through retail banking, corporate banking, Asset management and investment banking. BFG – CREDIT BANK is also based in Russia, also providing banking solutions.

These are some of the financial institutions enlisted in the business directory.

The computer, electrical and electronic equipment category is another example of one of the categories in the business directory, and you will find these companies below and others.

DELTA is a company dealing in science and production which specializes in the production of televisions, microwaves, x-ray and ultrasound equipment and other equipments. Urals Mechanical and Optical Plant, this company specializes in the production of electronic and optical devices. It services the military also. Burevestnik is another European based company producing recovery machines of x-ray luminescence. They also produce diffractometers and spectrometers.For those interested in agricultural products there is a category for that as well, in this category you will find companies like:

AI SI VI, which is basically a farm yard where they breed livestock like sheep, pig cow for both import and export. AGROESCORT is another company in the agricultural category. This company is a construction company that constructs or develops factories which produces forages. Agrionvest is an agricultural company that develops and manages projects of agribusiness for all type of agricultural products. ARRIVIP is a medical agricultural firm that deals with the diagnosis and vaccines for agricultural products.

To summarize, every company or business needs to get listed on the directory for business in Europe; this makes your products and services accessible to every one around the world.

The Global Resorts Network Business Opportunity

Travel is a passion! I do not think that anyone will question that. That is why the timeshare industry is so big. They show you around a resort, trap you in a little room, and hit you with sales pitch after sales pitch. They try to convince you that by spending an extremely large amount of money now to buy the timeshare, you will save in the long run. I believe that the simplest way to look at timeshares is like this. If it is such a great product, why do they need to give you free vacations, shopping sprees, gas cards, and who knows what other incentives, just to get you in the door. There is a reason that they need to persuade you with all of the free items to get you there. Do you know anybody who has ever just said, “I’m going to go buy a timeshare”? I’m guessing not, and with good reason. They make it sound so great in the presentation. My personal experience, along with the experiences of several friends and family members, reinforces to me that they are no where near the deals that they make them out to be.With travel being such a big industry, there must be another way. You could simply use a “travel deal” site. Sometimes you find something you want, sometimes you won’t. You can shop around the different sites. Sometimes you will find a deal, sometimes you wont. The Global Resorts Network Business is another solution. There are no restricted dates, destinations, or other weird travel limitations. More importantly, they do not bribe you into a tour, then a small room, and put the pressure on you.

The Global Resorts Business Model is network marketing. This gives them a huge advantage over the other travel options. Network Marketing allows them to have an ever growing number of representatives using a variety of marketing techniques to market their business. Here is how the business works. It starts by becoming a member of Global Resorts Network. When you sign up, you gain access to exclusive deals on luxury resorts all over the world (at a fraction of what it costs to join a timeshare). Once you have become a member, you sign up as an affiliate, which allows you to sell memberships to GRN. With the exception of your first sale, you will make a $1,000 commission for every Platinum membership that you sell (Platinum membership is a lifetime membership). You first sale is a sort of qualifying sale. You make $500 from it. The real money comes into play when the people that you register make a sale. There is a $1,000 carryover bonus that you receive when this happens.