Common Sense Test for Home Based Business

There are a lot of offers in the world for legitimate home based businesses. The concepts of a business have been around for centuries but the internet has allowed us to change the dynamics in a fundamental way.

When you go looking for a home based business, you need to realize that common sense should apply. I recently got an email for an job offer for a company. The email looked pretty legitimate. It has the official header and footer of the website.

It was presented in a very professional manner. They simply laid out the reasons I was needed, the minimal requirements and a significant financial opportunity. The job was going to pay over 80,000 US dollars per year.Now that is enough to catch the eye of anyone. In today’s slow economy and the number of unemployed people looking for a job, this would catch their fancy in a heart beat. There was one thing that was off though. The return address to the email was not to the same company that the email supposedly belonged too.

That is the first thing that should catch your eye. When you are looking for a legitimate home based business do they have a professional email address? This company was using AOL as their provider.

Now there is nothing wrong with using AOL as an email provider for your personal use. A legitimate company should have their own domain and email address. It is very easy and cost effective to get a domain and email address.

Even if you are running a very small or start up business, you should have your own website and emails. You can get one for less than $100 a year. So the first warning sign was the email address not matching the company that supposedly was sending it. Now that we have warning sign number one, we need to look for others.

It is always a good idea to approach any concept with an eye to seeing the downside. In this case the whole business model was based on a pure lack of common sense. I won’t go into the details of it here but it was obvious upon reading the second email.And yes I sent off for more information just because I was curious what the hook was. The first email had some glimpses of being suspect but not enough to truly justify calling it a bad idea.

The second email was a whole different story. You can read the full details about the offer from Fort Global Solutions.

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